Sedation Dentistry

For anxious or fearful dental patients, seeing the dentist for even routine care feels like the impossible. If you experience anxiety or stress over the idea of walking into a dental office, sedation dentistry addresses these issues in a comfortable and effective way. At Darr Dentistry, our Longview, TX sedation dental services are designed to help even the most fearful patients easily get the dental care they need to remain healthy and happy.  Sedation dentistry is safe and makes your dental visits a breeze.

Sedation Dental Treatments

There a few ways you can get sleep dentistry services; our office offers the two most popular methods:Sedation-Dental-Treatment-in-Longview

Oral Conscious Sedation: With this approach to sedation care, you are given medication in pill form and experience a feeling of deep relaxation. Many people think that sedation puts you to sleep, but you will be conscious and able to communicate with Dr. Ryan Darr or Dr. Krista Darr, should you become anxious at any point in the course of your treatment. With oral conscious sedation, your appointment will appear to have passed in minutes; you’ll be able to get worry-free dental care more easily that you previously thought.

IV Sedation: By using IV sedation, Dr. Ryan can administer sedatives intravenously, so they take action quicker, and place you into a deeper state of relaxation. IV sedation is typically used for more comprehensive treatment, or for patients who are in need of oral surgery.

No matter what your worries may be, we provide sedation dentistry in Longview to help all of our patients feel stress-free and confident about getting dental care. Dr. Ryan Darr is certified in oral conscious and IV sedation–your treatment is in qualified hands.

How Can Sedation Dentistry Help Me?

Sedation dentistry is perfect for patients who have:

  • severe anxiety about dental care
  • gag reflexes
  • sensitive teeth
  • need for more comprehensive care

Sedation dental care is especially useful for our dental implant patients. Getting dental implants involves oral surgery and, depending on the person’s needs, can include placing several implants at once. By using sedation in conjunction with implant surgery, our patients are able to relax and enjoy quick and comfortable treatment. Sedation dentistry takes the most anxious patients Benefits-of-Sedation-Dentistryand turns them into people who are confident about dental care, and their healthy smiles.

Have Questions about Dental Sedation?

If you have experienced dental anxiety in the past, and have put off returning to the dentist because of it–we can help. Our Longview, TX sedation dentists work hard to cultivate an environment of warmth and high-quality care. We proudly offer oral conscious sedation and IV sedation dentistry for fearful patients and implant dentistry.

Contact our office today to learn more about how dental sedation can help you.


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