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If you're experiencing discomfort due to a damaged or decayed tooth or are missing one or more teeth, our dedicated team at Darr Dentistry is here to help. We focus on providing a comprehensive approach to oral health and deliver custom-crafted dental crowns and bridges that fit your needs. We utilize quality materials and advanced digital impressions to help provide exceptional results.

Our practice is passionate about making a tangible difference in your daily life with services that improve your oral health and enhance your confidence in your smile. Whether it's a single tooth that's troubling you or several, our approach is always personalized. Contact us today to get the Longview dental bridges and crowns you need to complete your smile!


What Are Dental Bridges & Crowns?

Dental crowns, sometimes called tooth caps, are protective coverings that strengthen damaged teeth and restore oral function. We tailor our crowns to fit over the entire tooth, starting at the gum line, and can be made from material that mimics the look and feel of natural teeth.

Bridges are designed to fill the space left by a missing tooth or teeth. Commonly, a traditional dental bridge will replace up to three missing teeth in a row and is anchored on either end by crowns attached to the neighboring teeth. Implant-supported bridges typically replace between two and five missing teeth in a row and are anchored on either end by implant posts.

Our Dental Crown & Bridge Process

At our practice, we're passionate about helping you understand the treatments you'll receive. We have designed our process to be straightforward and patient-friendly to help you feel informed and comfortable every step of the way. Regardless of the complexity of your situation, you can trust us to help you find the right solution for you. Our process includes:

  • Initial Consultation: The process starts with a thorough oral examination to understand the full scope of your dental health needs. We leverage state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, including digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, to clearly understand what needs to be addressed.
  • Treatment Planning: If the examination reveals your need for a tooth crown or bridge, we will devise a customized treatment plan to complete your smile as efficiently as possible. During this stage, we discuss the variety of material options available and the specifics of the procedure, ensuring you are an integral part of the decision-making process.
  • Impressions & Preparation: Once the plan is set, we prepare your oral structures for the crown or bridge. For traditional crowns and bridges, this involves some light reshaping of teeth where the crowns will be seated and taking digital impressions. These impressions are crucial for creating a perfect fit and function for your new restoration. If necessary, temporary crowns or bridges may be placed while our trusted dental lab partners craft your custom prosthetics. If you're receiving dental implants, we'll take detailed images of your jaws and teeth to prepare for implant placement. Should you require any pretreatments, such as a bone graft, we will plan it at this time.
  • Placement: With a traditional crown, you'll return for the final fitting when your permanent crown or bridge is ready. We carefully place and adjust your new restoration to ensure a comfortable bite and a seamless blend with your natural teeth, providing you with a durable and long-lasting solution. Receiving an implant-supported restoration is a multi-stage process that includes surgically placing the implant post, a period of healing where the implant post will fuse with the bone, and then crown or bridge placement. Regardless of the type of restoration you need, our team works closely with you throughout the entire process so you're never in the dark about the next steps.

Dental Bridges & Crowns FAQs

We recognize that getting restorative dental work can be confusing with all the options available to you. That's why we're here to answer the questions you have regarding dental crowns and bridges. We aim to provide clear, concise information to help put your mind at ease. Some of the questions we encounter regularly include:

Can I still get a dental crown or bridge if I have gum disease?

Yes, you can, but we must first manage any gum disease symptoms to help ensure the longevity and success of the crown or bridge.

The process for a traditional crown or bridge typically requires two visits over a couple of weeks. Implant-supported restorations can take between five to eight months for the entire process to be complete, which includes placement and healing.

Regardless of whether you have a traditional or implant-supported restoration, you care for them just as you would your natural teeth. It's important to brush and floss regularly and maintain your scheduled dental appointment to help ensure the longevity of your crown or bridge.

Reliable Dental Crowns and Bridges in Longview

At Darr Dentistry, we commit to providing you with a comfortable and caring environment where we meet your dental needs with professionalism and the utmost attention to detail. Our skilled team is here to guide you through each stage of your dental crown or bridge treatment, ensuring you are fully informed and at ease with the process. If you're looking for tooth bridges or dental crowns in Longview, contact us today to schedule your appointment.



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